In March of 2007, we launched something different. An online magazine dedicated to men’s style and fashion, entertainment, sports and technology. In 2007, there were many “men’s magazines” but not really any with a viable online presence and definitely none doing what we were doing.

It all began with an interview. An interview with the very multi-talented, multilingual Rana Mansour. Rana’s interview with us got the ball rolling and we were able to interview so many great artists, athletes, entertainers and tech experts over the years. While we provided much more content, the interview was always the base of what we did and do.

As times evolved, we included media such as movie trailers, streaming music from great new artists and of course we can’t be called style without a great fashion and style section. We grew and continued that success until 2012.
PureStyle Magazine was a game changer. Not just for me personally, but for the industry as a whole. Forcing magazines to step up their online presences and become more media friendly to all. We were proud to say we were one of the first.

In 2019, our goal is to bring back all of the archives of the site (which have always been available on http://dcxiv.com) and begin to develop new content for PureStyle and hopefully capture a brand new audience as well as bring back the old for a new experience on http://purestyledc.com.

Thank you, it’s because of you that I can continue to do this.

Mike Ginn
Founder & Executive Director

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