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Detox Edition by Dr. Dre, are at your local Best Buy and make a great gift for any Hip-Hop fan. Yes, Detox album is still going thru phases and Dr. Dre is said to need a break. This may be the only way you get a little Detox in your life. I mean let’s face it the Detox album is almost as difficult to predict as the Lindsey Lohan road to getting sober. So little gems like this are exactly what is needed.

The headphones are professional, and have studio quality in mind. Detox headphones have no noise canceling technology so that you may hear pure bass. Instead it has a sound isolation, which is increased foam density in the ear cup; this helps to block out external sound making them clear. They also can boast of a deep bass sound that should be envied. The sleek appearance with a flat black color reminds one of a Stealth fighter. They are made of aluminum to give a solid structure one would want in a pair of Pro-headphones. Besides the fact that they are a bit bulky and the price is on the higher end. The Detox headphones will give you deep bass, allow for subtle sounds and are clearly a step above the competition.

Yes, this is way more than one needs for their IPod. Who cares wearing the Detox logo alone is worth its weight in gold the fact that the headphones are damn near perfect is a good reason as well. If you are a DJ or any type of studio musician than you would want these on deck and available to you at all times.


There are certain presents in this world that say fun and sexy at the same time. This year for Holidays give that special someone a present that is naughty and thoughtful. Now no you may not want to have her open it in front of her father, yet this could be the way of saying I do need some time with you.

The Lelo flicking message candles will make those cold winter nights romantic and a little frisky as well. You have the choice of three fragrances Black-Pepper and Pomegranate, Snow Pear and Cedarwood and Vanilla and Crème de Cacao. The packaging is sleek and they come with a nice lid to cover the candle when not in use.

The Lelo flickering message candles are absolutely perfect for anyone they are soy based candle which makes them environmentally sound. With all natural ingredients it is good for your skin; also the oil itself is not greasy and cleanly is absorbed by the skin.

Uncharted 3

Uncharted 3 by Naughty Dog maybe the best gift to give a PS3 owner; Naughty Dog has once again set the standard for what the visuals should look like on the PS3. Uncharted 3 like the rest of the franchise games will pull you in immediately with a well thought out story line and rich character interaction. Not to mention the heart pounding cinematic.

The one thing that Uncharted has mastered it is movie like feel you get from playing the game. The one thing that was a little behind was multi player. Well not anymore, now the multi-player is just as good as the actual game! Okay a little less in reality but not enough that I can tell, it is true fun and everything you would want in multi-player.

Regardless of anything it is one of the best games out there and clearly the class of the holiday pushes for the PS3. If you have a friend that has yet to pick up this game as soon as they press start; they will thank you. The Uncharted franchise has done it again and I will base that on the fact that almost everywhere you turn the game gets a perfect score; making it the perfect gift.

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