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FootballAll Aboard the Cam Wagon (@CameronNewton)

Cam Newton… I really didn’t expect to be talking about him, well at least not in a positive light. I suppose the more you hear about a person the less interested you are in them. I mean unless you happen to be a Carolina fan. Even then, how much can you take?

After being the first round pick in the 2011 NFL draft, a Heisman Trophy winner, and leading Auburn to a BCS national championship I thought well that’s all she wrote. He was less than impressive during pre-season in my opinion and I was gunning for Clausen to get back into the starting position.

I humbly say that I was wrong….for now. Rookie he may be, but a rising star studded athlete we expect to see. With the Panthers he became the sixth quarterback in NFL history to throw back to back 400 yard passing games. Both of these games however ended in losses for the team.

Week 1 against Arizona, Cam threw 422 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also had an interception. Week 2 against the Packers he was once again able to throw for over 400 yards….432 to be exact. I realize that Drew Brees had done the same thing the week prior, but you expect that from an elite quarterback such as Brees. Never have I ever anticipated a rookie to go up against the Super Bowl champions and throw as much as Cam had. Unbelievable! Of course, the rookie came out and the Packers were able to pick 3 interceptions off of him.

His first victory in the NFL came week 3 against the Panthers. He only threw for 158 yards and a touchdown. Just to inform you it was like a monsoon outside with torrential downpours that clearly made conditions difficult to play in. I will have to say if it wasn’t so, I believe he would have really outdone himself against a struggling Jaguar team.

It was back to business and big yardage for Cam week 4 against the Bears, with 374 yards a touchdown, an interception, and OH yea two run in touchdowns of his own. Again the Panthers couldn’t come up with a win.

It is a team effort no question about it. Does anyone else feel like the impressive numbers, high stats, and hard work Cam is putting in is going to waste? What is the major mal-friggin-function here!?

Cam’s Numbers Week 1 Arizona Week 2 Green Bay Week 3 Jaguars Week 4 Da Bears
Passing Yards 422 432 158 374
Tds 2 1 1 1
Ints 1 3 0 1
Rushing 8 10 7 8
Tds 1 1 0 2
Fumbles 0 0 0 1

I would like to state I actually have Cam Newton on a fantasy football team of mine. This particular league requires you to start two quarterbacks a week. Obviously the smart thing to do would be to have three quarterbacks total. So I strategically picked my first two with off setting by-weeks so I didn’t get in a bind later on. The third pick I did the same (making sure there wasn’t a conflict with by-weeks) and cringing I picked up Cam late in the draft. I almost thought to start him but with Tom Brady and Matt Ryan as my other two quarterbacks, I thought I was completely out of my skull to even fathom such a thing.

Again, I was wrong.

The Cam and Brady combo on my fantasy team would have been a dynamic duo (except for week 3 of course….remember monsoon). I have yet to jump on the Cam wagon. I don’t know if it’s my pride or just stupidity. I just keep thinking there is no way he can keep this up. I don’t know what it will take to fully convince me. At this point it is worth a shot. He certainly has proven something in the past four weeks. I think he will just continue to get better week to week. So I am cautiously going to get on board.

Deanna Ferris

Deanna Ferris

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