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After watching the Berto vs Ortiz fight from last night, we can all see why Berto hasn’t fought any decent opposition. He took a minor step up in competition last night and didn’t look very sharp. It could have been the fact that he was rocked so many times in the beginning of the fight and didn’t have his legs under him for a good portion of the fight, but Berto let down a lot of people last night. Anyone who has followed my blog and my boxing journalism knows that I have been calling this for a long time. I was never impressed with the technical skills of Andre Berto. I thought he was trying to live out his career with nothing more than his natural talent.

last night. He was gassed late in the fight, showed that he has one of the worst jabs in boxing, showed that there his questionable chin maybe more than a myth, his footwork didn’t look as sharp as it should have been, he was caught and knocked off balance multiple times, his head movement wasn’t good (but bounced around on his feet well when he had strength in them), and he didn’t once do any damage with his left hand.

With all this said, it seems to me like Berto’s style is that of an amateur’s. He gets off first and flurries with his blazing speed. Which is another point I’ve touched on many times in my write ups on Berto, if he doesn’t get off first he will be completely helpless. Which was shown last night, when Ortiz got off first Berto didn’t look to counter but instead pulled straight back until Ortiz caught him with right uppercuts on the ropes. With the kind of speed Berto has, he should be an excellent counter puncher.

I would say Berto needs a new trainer, but I don’t blame is trainer. With Berto its all work ethic. He’d rather party with celebrities than be in the gym training. Maybe the advice of his trainer is going over the top of his head and he needs a new voice in his corner, but something has to change. One thing that stood out to me was how many voices were in his corner. Tony Morgan was trying to give him advice while other members of his training team are yelling in his ear “Man F*** him, start boxing!” and “Its now or never, now or never Bert”.

Its easy to see why Tony Morgan’s words go over the top of his head (not to suggest that Tony Morgan is a good trainer) I couldn’t imagine someone like Freddie Roach training him, Freddie Roach is known for getting frustrated and giving up on fighters like Berto. I can’t see Emmanuel Steward and the Kronk style helping Berto because he isn’t naturally big enough for that style. I don’t see Roger or Floyd Mayweather Sr. taking on Berto because Roger is very committed to Floyd and Floyd Sr. maybe too expensive for Berto. I would think that someone like Nazim Richardson could help Berto but I don’t know if Nazim would train Berto being he is very committed to Shane Mosley and Mosley and Berto have gone back and forth sending verbal jabs since Berto pulled out of their fight during the time of the Earthquake in Haiti. Whoever he goes with as his trainer, he has to get rid of Tony Morgan.

If there’s a trainer out there that I think could help Berto it’d be Buddy McGirt or Ronnie Shields. I think either of those guys could really help Berto’s career

John Marchese III

John Marchese III

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