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When a young Mariano Rivera was growing up in a fishing town in Panama, little did he know the fishing nets that him and his friends knotted together to make a ball and branches they used as bats would lead to 602 career saves and a first ballot ticket to Cooperstown. In fact, not even the New York Yankees knew he could have envisioned him having the career he had when he was just a fill-in...


Saturday night, the greatest show between a set of ropes is going down. Victor Ortiz is stepping up to the plate against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Now, I hear a lot of rumblings. A lot of people going for the underdog. Some saying he has a chance to win or even knock Floyd Mayweather out. I want you to stop that nonsense right now! Really?!? Do I need to send someone over to your house to...


I’m almost shocked that Dana White didn’t go with the surprise and announce Brock Lesnar as the main event of the promotion’s debut on Fox, November 12th. Going with Junior Dos Santos versus Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship is not a second option at all. Dana promised to deliver a big time main event for the Fox network debut and did not disappoint.


If you ask a Chicago Cubs fan they will say there is no curse. But how else can you explain a team with the history and longevity of the Cubs not winning a World Series since 1908 and not appearing in a World Series since 1945? Born the Chicago White Stockings (a name in which inspired the naming of the White Sox later in 1901) in 1870, the team would go on to be known...


It’s been a long time since Barry Sanders was making highlight runs for the Detroit Lions and it’s been 11 years since they sniffed a playoff birth. Win a Super Bowl? Never. NFL Championship? 1957. It’s been that long since the city of Detroit has produced a championship level football team. But things might be about to change. Matthew Stafford, Ndamukong Suh and their center-peice Calvin Johnson Jr are giving the city something to talk...

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