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Al Gore, now you probably realize why you weren’t President for the 8 prior years. His name is Joe Lieberman. The man who is getting too much credit for stopping health care reform, but a cancer on the Congress of the United States nonetheless. But before I get into good ol’ Joe, let me talk about a couple things…

When Barack Obama was just a candidate, we heard this thing about health reform, economic growth and change. More specifically we heard that he was going to change the health care system. Possibly even a single payer system, but definitely a change to the way the insurance company plagued our system.

Now we have a health care bill in debate that not only has no single payer system, not even a public option, but also recently took out the compromise to that option. The lowering of Medicare to those 55 and above. And while I haven’t heard one way or the other, might also include a public mandate to force people to purchase insurance or face fines or even jail.

Let me be clear President Obama. If any bill comes across your desk without a public option or has a public mandate in it, stand by your word and VETO it. Not all reform is good reform. And clogging up the system with minor changes, while arguably beneficial is just a waste.

The public mandate is not only against the Constitution, but also against our civil liberties. To force me to pay for something without choice is against my human will. Its a violation of any and all human basic rights. To those that argue about the car insurance mandate, be clear… you choose to buy that car with the knowledge you have to also purchase insurance. Its a package. People that choose to live shouldn’t be mandated to insure their lives.

The public option was the entire point wasn’t it? Create competition for the industry. Bring down costs. Insure the uninsured. And now that’s been “compromised” out? By whom? Not the American people that’s for sure. And the people representing those people in those states are not going to forget. So Lieberman, Lincoln, Nelson to name a few… Get your resume’s ready because you’ll need a new job come election time. Without a public option, sincerely what’s the point? Congress has just wasted the last 6 months of tax payers dollars to debate and disagree. In all to come up without a plan and without an option. And even worse… want change now? No, none of this kicks in until 2014. Why?

I feel like we are living in a different country. This is the United States of America. We the people. Yet we are forced to watch our Congress do nothing but waste time voting if College Football should have a playoff system. Regulate steroids in baseball. Sports are entertainment, not a political matter.

Back to my good friend Joe. Mr. Lieberman now is the biggest hypocrite in the world. And I say that with fact, not slander or defamation. As seen on Countdown and Rachel Maddow, they showed various clips of Joe Lieberman constantly saying he was for the Medicare to 55 plan. Now? Joe wants no part of it. This next thing I say, I will be clear, I have no fact just opinion to back this up. Joe Lieberman is clearly being paid off by the insurance industry to block any/and all legislation. Period. Even his own party put out an advertisement saying Joe only cares about Joe. Not Connecticut, not the American people. Just Joe. Time to go Joe. Lose your seat, and your precious roles ahead of committees.

And this Medicare for 55+? That’s all well in good. But last I checked, there are millions and millions of 20 somethings and 30 somethings without health care that won’t even make it to 55 because of it. And they are now and throughout the history of time the base for which this country’s labor comes from.

But wait… That’s not all folks… no I’m not done.

The filibuster. The way to block almost any legislation from passing. The minority way to stand up to the majority and make a stance known. That too Lieberman was against, til he decided to use it for his benefit now. But this is about the policy and not good ol’ Joe. The filibuster used to be a good thing. Believe it or not, yes… good. Now its yet another cancer growing in Congress. Prior to the Bush years, filibusters were not even a topic of discussion. Once in a while they would pop up their head and say hi, but there was a time when Congress was elected to actually push laws through and make changes and yes… vote. Now? They just argue. Don’t do anything. Don’t pass anything. Just waste tax payer money and take their free Medicare insurance and tell other people they can’t have what the Congress already has. They filibuster confirmations of seats, they filibuster laws from passing, they filibuster everything they can. And they do it for no other selfish reason, than simply put, change is bad for them. Regulation is bad for them. Congress is the most comfortable job in the US. And if they have to actually do anything, then well that just jeopardizes it all.

Congress is a broken system. And the House isn’t much better. You were voted to speak for the people that you represent. Not for yourself. You were voted to stand up for America, not the people holding America back that broke it in the first place. From John McCain and all his telecom lobbyists (yeah no earmarking… yeah right. Just another hypocrite. That’s why you aren’t President) to Lieberman and the insurance industry, and yes that includes all the Congress members that are being paid off at the moment. Just plain BROKEN.

Republicans are too busy being the party of NO. The Democrats are too busy pulling a John Kerry (see why you aren’t President either?) and flip-flopping. And all the while, nothing is getting done.

Mike Ginn

Mike Ginn

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