FootballDrew Brees (@drewbrees): Perfect Example For Prep Athletes

I truly believe its difficult for anyone to succeed at anything and be truly humble about it. Isn’t there a part in all of us that strokes our ego and tells us, “Yeah, you’re better than everyone you know?”

For some, that thought is fleeting, and for others it’s an idea that hangs around the aura of a person, which causes peers to say, “Wow, he is so full of himself.” There’s a fine line to play when it comes to being confident or cocky. I think for every New Orleans Saints fan, and even just NFL fans, it’s becoming obvious that Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t have an egotistical bone in his body. I am not sure how it’s possible, and yet this man continues to be the example of selflessness.

On Monday, Brees set the NFL record for yards passing in a season, breaking a mark that Dan Marino had held since 1984, and the New Orleans Saints clinched the NFC South title with a 45-16 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Monday Night Football. Brees threw for 307 yards and four touchdown passes, the last a 9-yard strike to Darren Sproles that set the record with 2:51 to go. It was Brees’ final pass of the game and it gave him 5,087 yards passing — with one game still to play.

Following the game against the Dirty Birds, Brees was asked about setting the all-time single season passing record. He said things like this:

“I love our fans, I love the fact that everybody could be part of this on ‘Monday Night Football,”‘ Brees said. “There’s so many people that are a part of this. It’s not about me, it’s about this team, it’s about this city, it’s about these fans. So many people contributed to this, and I’m happy for them.”

He also said this, which really speaks volumes:

“I just got bum-rushed by the offensive linemen so I figured at that point, OK, I guess we finally broke the record,” Brees said. Notice how he said, “I guess WE finally broke the record.”

During his entire post-game interview, and throughout the season for that matter, Brees has referred to himself as “we.” He is constantly answering reporters questions by talking about how great his team is. So when I talk about us all having a part in us that wants to feel egotistical, I am amazed that someone who certainly has every right to be as prideful as any current NFL player, he isn’t. Instead, he’s as humble as it gets. He gives the glory to God and his teammates.

It just goes to show you that giving credit where credit is due is a very important aspect in life. Brees’ teammates seemed even more excited about their quarterback breaking the record than Brees did for himself. Brees’ supporting cast has so much respect for him. It might seem like if you don’t kind of brag on yourself, then you’ll never get noticed. But I can tell you that you will get noticed more. People notice big stats and a humble spirit. In fact, I think big stats don’t get nearly as much attention if the player is a cocky athlete. It takes the fun out of it.

So, to all you high school athletes out there, let “being humble” be your New Year’s resolution. It’s a great character trait to have and people will root for you more because of it.

See y’all next year!

Chrissy Smith

Chrissy Smith

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