Can you remember when you were 7 years old; before bills, women, drunken nights and life altering decisions. You had a dream. Now you’re in the middle life and weather it was to be a pro-athlete, actor, senator or CEO you wake up and take what life as given you. There are still a few that chase their dreams enter Byron Browne. Son of a MLB player, he has played as a pitcher in majors, did a little modeling and his an actor looking for his be break.

It is 3am EST and Byron is online bringing the pain with in MAG on PS3, he loves the team based ‘deathmatch’ game type; Angelof_DARKness if you want to test your skill or his good luck. Byron loves competition; something one would expect from an Ex-baseball pitcher. As a baseball pitcher, he helped his minor league team, the El Paso Diablos, to two championships and was called up the majors by the Milwaukee Brewers. Then there was a strike, and injuries, then his career as a baseball pitcher had to come to an end. All of these thing lead to Byron Browne the becoming a blue collar actor.

To understand why he is a blue collar actor you have to think about Byron. He has a 16 year old son named Merek who plays hockey, an ex-wife, a mortgage payment and works a job to pay the bills like the rest of the world. The difference between Byron and a lot of people is that he has not given up on his dreams, he chases them. He sacrifices time, energy, emotions and sometimes friendships all to make it as an actor. What does that really mean? It means being called in for multiple casting calls; for a big break to co-star in Good Luck Chuck only to fall thru; Smoking Aces and then see the movie completed and watch Common kill it in the role that was almost yours’, not quite. We all know the feeling. It is the same as getting passed over for a promised promotion or thinking you had a great interview then never getting a called back. I ask you then, what do you to better chances? Byron wrote a script and shopped it around. A while later, an ‘A list’ actor asked him why not just make the movie yourself? At that moment he gave birth to 22seventeen Production Company with Derek Martin his business partner. The next step was to find allies to help make the film ‘Thorns From a Rose’. As an actor, Byron turns to other actors: Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day), Tiny Lister (Friday),Tiffany Shepis, Michele Galdenzi both of VSH1’s Scream Queens show and Lina So (Don’t Mess With Zohan) are in. Talks are ongoing with Eva Mendes, Neil McDonough (Band of Brothers), even Ray Liotta to be part of this Thriller.

Byron still auditions for the big roles. Working with Bruce Willis, Paul Walker or Zoe Saldana would be a dream come true. Byron looks for scripts with strong charter development in the roles he goes after. Byron: ‘It’s not a movie if the audience doesn’t feel some type of emotion when the leave they movie when they have watched, It is my job to provoke some sort of emotion.’ He doesn’t turn down work but, Byron’s focus is on the big roles theses days. As Byron goes out to get funding for his movie, I personally wish him the best of luck. His hard work and patience make him well deserving of a chance to walk away from a feature film that makes us, the people, want more. He has been seen on the popular T.V. show Young and the Restless, major films such as Jarhead and The Kingdom, and the independent film makers on Cross Roads of Fate and Yesterday’s tomorrow. Like most of us, Byron gets up every day and punches a clock to pay the bills. At the end of the day Byron: ‘If I retired [form acting] tomorrow I will still be a happy camper. I have accomplish so much in my life; I have been a pro baseball player and part of the Screen Actors Guild for 10 years now,’

Byron: ‘I am grateful…if it was easy everyone would be doing it. I have been blessed. I have a chance to raise my son help him graduate and get into college, I do what I love. I play make believe for a living and get paid for it, LOL. Acting is hard. Not only do you have to keep yourself in shape, mentally Sharpe, you also have to focus on the character you are playing. Then the hardest part is having to take rejection on a daily basis. All I can do is work hard and keep my head held high. I am fortunate to be where I am at and I am happy with my life right now.’

Evander Wilson III

Evander Wilson III

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