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DC born and raised. Attended Howard University. You have quite the musical background. Funk, R&B and some Brazilian vibes. How would you describe your style and sound for those that haven’t heard your music before?

Jayne Kennedi: It is super eclectic and witty… I give a lot of my personality to my music.

Tell us a little about “Electric Lady”, what was the inspiration behind the album? And where can people hear some of your music?

Jayne Kennedi: The title “electric lady” is a Jimi Hendricks throwback… He recorded some of his greatest hits at the electric lady studios in New York..

You can Google Jayne Kennedi music and my music will automatically pop up!!! I love google!! Lol

Studio43 made some waves with Wale, what should we expect next from the group? And what can we expect next from Jayne Kennedi?

Jayne Kennedi: You can expect dope things from us both 😉 This isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle, fashion, movies, events… I’m doing it all!

For an artist, image is important. Sometimes as much as the actual music itself. Do you care what people think about you? And how do you balance the positive and negative to keep moving forward in a successful direction?

Jayne Kennedi: I am always me. At the end of the day, perception is 50% of your actual personality, and 50% is what people take from your personality.. I want people to understand me, but it’s not a requirement. Art is always in the eye of the beholder.

You have done some collaborations. Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with and who would you like to work with in the future?

Jayne Kennedi: I would love to work w/ Major Lazer, and Diplo, they are consistently DOPE and innovative.

Now you are a sexy, attractive and smart female. No doubt men step to you all the time. What is probably the worst pickup or come on that you have ever heard? Don’t hold back. We know you got a story.

Jayne Kennedi: The worst pick up line is, and has always been “don’t I know you from somewhere” lol but recently, a guy hit me with “hey girl, you fly.. When you gon’ wake up and mess w/ me?”

Fail. Lmao

If I wanted to step to you in a bar and buy you a drink, are you the type of girl that goes for the sweet fruity drink or do you go straight to the martini?

Jayne Kennedi: I’m a Belve and tonic girl all day, but I love Caiparinha’s!!!

Being from DC, what are some of your favorite spots to chill and where do you like to go to party at?

Jayne Kennedi: I love the hipster crowd at Recess, but I also like spots like Ben’s Nextdoor and Masa 14 for happy hour… And last but not least, The Islander in U Street has the BEST, cheapest happy hour ever!!!

With the earthquake in DC and the aftershocks, if you knew that world was ending what are some of the things on your bucket list and how would you want to go out?

Jayne Kennedi: I would marry and get pregnant… Skydive and rob a bank!!! Random!!!

What is one secret about yourself that you’ve never told anyone?

Jayne Kennedi: I hate being in the dark, I even sleep with the tv on…

You can find more from Jayne here:

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