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Jessi it’s been way too long. Tell us, what have you been up to since our last epic interview with you? Did you miss us?

Jessi Malay: Like you wouldn’t believe!! Of COURSE I missed you!! We haven’t spoken for a LONG time!! Where shall I begin… Last summer I released my first official single, Cinematic, produced by Felli Fel, shot a hot video, and then started touring around a bit doing shows. In the midst of all that, I had a freak accident and tore my ACL in my knee and had to have knee surgery. About a month after surgery I got super sick and was out of the scene for months!!! With all that down time, I started writing and am proud to say I wrote the best songs I’ve ever written!

We hear you have some new music dropping. “On You”. Is it time to get out on the dance floor? Tell us about it.

Jessi Malay: I LOVE this song!! Yes I’m releasing a dance single called “On YOU” and I can’t WAIT for it to hit the club scene… It’s my most dance-able song yet!

It’s about feeling so intoxicated by a person that you fiend for them like a drug…

You started off as a member of a girl group, “No Secrets”. But you have been solo since around 2004. What’s it like being out on your own? Do you still keep in contact with any of the other girls?

Jessi Malay: No Secrets was one of the best experiences of my life… While being on my own is cool because I get to have 100% creative control of what I do, being in a group is sooo much more fun because you get to have your best friends and sisters with you at all times to share all the experiences that you are going through. The other girls and I are still very close.

Carly is still my BFF, Jade is like my little sister, and Angel and I are grabbing dinner Thursday night to finally catch up!!

Being out in LA, what’s more exciting these days? Going to a movie premier or a Lakers game? Who is your favorite player in the NBA?

Jessi Malay: Oooo, I’d have to say a LAKERS game!!! My boyfriend is a fanatic and so I got really into the games last season…When they won the championship we through a little celebration party!! I’m ready to watch them do it all over this year!

My favorite player has got to be Derek Fischer… he always comes through in those crucial moments when he’s needed most, and he just seems like such an appreciative, good, humble person. Love that!

We already know you make that Booty Bang. So being in front of the camera is a familiar thing for you. Do you have a favorite shoot or video you’ve done?

Jessi Malay: As far as photo shoots go, I’d have to say the most fun one was the shoot I did for LRG’s girl line because the crew was just so cool-Kareem Black, the photographer, is extremely talented and gets really cool, personality shots of all of his subjects. He brings a very “New York sensibility” to his work.

The most fun video shoot I’ve ever done was probably “Cinematic” because it turned out just the way I’d hoped it would which NEVER happens! I just loved how everything came together- the whole stark yet vibrant look of the sets, my styling, and my dancers helped amp up the sexy factor!

You’ve done a few collaborations in the past. Who’s working with you on your new album? And who would you like to get together on a track with that you have always dreamed of performing with?

Jessi Malay: On my new music I have been collaborating a lot with up and coming producers Brian “H20z” Watters and D Rock… What I love soo much about both of them is they are open minded enough to get experimental with me and bring to life all of these obscure crazy ideas I come up with! Right now I’m experimenting with some Samba/jungle type sounds and rhythms and of course keeping everything very “dance.”

As far as collaborations go, Robin Thicke is still my dream man!!! He’s sooo smooth and his single “Sex Therapy” gets me excited :p

Last time we asked you what do you look for in a guy and you broke all the couch potatoes hearts! So this time we will ask you what excites you? What features on a guy turn you on?

Jessi Malay: Omigoodness… you’re gonna get me in trouble with this one!! What excites me in a guy?? Honestly, there’s nothing that beats a good sense of humor, but I also need a man to be passionate-not just about me but also about SOMETHING in life…whether it be his job, music, sports, anything…just passionate. Some sexy lips don’t hurt either…

What is the most amazing date have you ever been on? What is the best thing a guy has ever gotten you?

Jessi Malay: For my birthday, my boyfriend took me away to Santa Barbara for the weekend. We went out for dinner and did Sake bombs for hours with a bunch of rowdy locals and then danced the night away!

Best present would have to be this Macbook he bought me for Xmas that makes my life so much easier when doing my schoolwork online!

Last question, I saw this somewhere and had to use it… Would you rather have boring sex all the time or an amazing romp once a year?

Jessi Malay: Are those really the only two options??? Can’t I just have amazing romps ALL the time?!! Lol If those are my only two options, I’d like to say an amazing romp once a year, but I know me and I wouldn’t be able to hold out that long! lol

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