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If you are in Detroit, Miami, New York or now here in the nation’s capital, you’ve no doubt heard her voice. She is Sunni, the 10am to 2pm lunch time radio host for WPGC.

Detroit, Miami, New York and now DC. You’ve been doing your thing for a minute. How does it feel to make a home in DC now?

Sunni: I love DC thus far! I can honestly say that in the short time that I’ve been here, it’s definitely the best place that I’ve ever lived in. The people are great, it’s so much to do every day… it’s just fabulous!

You’ve been a blogger ( and a radio host. Where ever you go you create a buzz. Is radio where you want to be or are there bigger goals?

Sunni: I wasn’t a blogger for NecoleBitchie. I did a lot of behind the scenes business work. And I learned a lot about the “blogging” business that way. I’ve been in the radio business for almost 10 years now and I’ll probably be doing it for a while, just on a different scale (Maybe a morning show in the future). But I definitely have other things I would like to get into. Focus on my own charity foundation, do some work for a Sports Network, etc…

Now that you have the 10am-2pm lunch hour on lock for WPGC, what can we expect from you? Anything new you are working on for the lunch hour?

Sunni: I think the first thing that I’m trying to achieve during my 10-2 shift is to connect with my audience. A lot of people listen from work and a huge part of my audience are women. I’m a girl’s girl. I like to bring attention to things that my girls would like to hear/talk about. That’s my biggest thing right now. We have a great lunch hour now where the listeners submit their Jams On Demand Playlists and it’s really fun because the music ranges from anything like Sisqo the Thong song to Rack on Rack to Black Eyed Peas. I love it and the listeners are involved.

What inspired you to become a radio host? Where did you get your start?

Sunni: I took a radio class in H.S and thought that radio was just “okay” but I fell into an internship at a radio station right after high school and while interning, I realized how fun it was and I wanted to be a part of it. I’ve been doing it ever since.

Since you been in town, you’ve hit up a few hot spots. Where is your favorite DC hot spot so far? Who puts it down the best?

Sunni: DC has definitely been good to me so far. A lot of the promoters and club owners have been inviting me out and I’ve had an amazing time at all the spots. Park and Shadow Rooms are my spots on Thursday. Both of those are a lot of fun. Can’t miss Stadium on Saturdays, a lot of times I go there with Big Tigger and support my girl DJ Heat who DJs there… that’s always fun! But Eden’s Rooftop Party on a Monday night is definitely my favorite party so far.

Big Tigger recently said on the radio, “If Sunni is hosting a party, she is shutting it down!”. Is that true? And where can we catch a Sunni party next?

Sunni: I’ve always been the party girl and I definitely know how to have fun. I’m not yet actually “hosting” parties because I’m still getting use to the area but you can catch me anywhere there’s a good DJ and great fun people!

I’m sure you’ve run into the “DC Playa” by now. What’s the biggest difference between guys in DC, Detroit, Miami and NY?

Sunni: Detroit guys are just real. No bullsh*t, and I like that. I didn’t really date a lot in Miami because in Miami, it’s all about the “quick fun” and “one night stands”. I’m not into that. I’m definitely also not into New York men. Too many egos. One thing that I can say that I do like about the DC men is, a lot of them are educated and have “real” jobs. Too many people want to be rappers and athletes, DC is full of young professional educated men who are perfect for dating!

What does Sunni look for in a guy? What features attract you first? Is there a special guy in your life?

Sunni: I’m single. Have been for a while. But I do date a lot. First thing that I notice in a guy is his smile and his teeth. I’m completely obsessed with teeth. If you have a perfect pearly white smile, I’ll definitely at least have a conversation with you and see what you’re talking about. And I like tall men. I’m 5’5 and I always wear super high heels so no shorties this way. lol. But overall, I really really like Southern men. They’re really attentive and sweet, if I had to choose someone to date, it would be someone from the South. That’s that Southern Hospitality!

Has there ever been a funny or scary situation on the radio with a guy coming on to you? Care to share?

Sunni: When I was in Detroit, I use to host a evening show called “The Quiet Storm” and it was all about being sexy, so I definitely had some “different” people that would call in. But there was a guy who for years, would always send me love letters and presents to the station. Nothing major but it use to freak me out sometimes because you never know when people like that can take things further and actually follow you home, or wait for you in front of the station. I use to have security walk me to my car every day that I worked there.

What’s next for Sunni? Where can we expect you in 5 years? Tell the people where they can catch all you are doing now…

Sunni: Well, I’m still just settling into DC but expect me to be here for a very very long time. In the next 5 years, I would love to host a Morning Show, run my Charity Organization, do some TV work on the side, hopefully be married with a baby or two.. I just want to be happy. I do believe that you can have it all if you balance it right. There are many women who balance careers and family and I would love be one of those women. I just started my new site and I’ll be updating that site with all of my experiences. 🙂

You can also check out more of Sunni here:

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