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Kiss My Blitz…

Is my usual response to those men who challenge me about my football knowledge (Tony Dungy approves of me not cursing lol). Why is it that men still have this “it’s all ours” attitude when it comes to women and football? I can think of one reason, but since this isn’t about anatomy I’ll save that for another blog.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the game of football. Not only loving the action, but the heart and soul that go into playing the game. Anytime I talk football with a group of guys, they ask me questions they don’t even know the answer to (Google is their friend). It’s like some unwritten manlaw that a “girl” can’t know more about football than they do. We are supposed to sit there at a game and look cute in jersey or stay on the sidelines. Speaking of sidelines, women like Pam Oliver and Lesley Visser are two trailblazers who have opened the door for women to be taken seriously in the football world. It’s unfortunate with the recent Ines Sainz/Jets situation that it’s opened a whole new can of “packages,” I mean worms when it comes to taking women seriously. However, in this instance I think both parties are in fault.

I hope this doesn’t deter women from being able to do their job and for men the men to show female sports reporters the same respect they show men. Quite a few still have the mentality that women and sports don’t mix, on the field. When I hear an NFL analysts refer to a “dime”, I know it’s a defensive formation, not a girl he saw before he got to the studio.

Unfortunately, thanks to reality TV and other avenues, people think the only time a woman is interested in Football is if a player and his paycheck is attached to it. Trust me there are plenty of women who enjoy the game that’s being played on the field. In the guys defense (this is rare), there are some women who have proven to be all about the players, it’s even more obvious on Twitter. The things I see tweeted when there is a game on by some women make me cringe.

No, Shaq is not a Linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings. They are called Touchdowns not Home Runs. Like the men, Google can be your friend too. Before you tweet or comment, make sure you know what you’re talking about, don’t give those testosterone creatures the satisfaction of “explaining” it to you. Trust me, they don’t know everything, without looking it up or hearing it on ESPN. The next time a man asks you “what do you know about Football?” ask them about Mike, Sam & Will. Prepare for a blank stare. At the end of the day, we know who truly has the upper hand.

“If there really are men who prefer football to girls, I’ve never met any.” ~ Sharon Knight

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Lizz Robbins

Lizz Robbins

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