FootballRomo (@tonyromo) Still Worthy Of Our Support?

When Tony Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe in 2006 as starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys, I was more than excited for my team. ANYONE had to be better than Bledsoe, right?

As his career at starting QB progressed, I realized the things I truly remember about his performance in games have been less than perfect. So to list the standout moments they go as follows:

1) A botched hold against the Seahawks in 2007 ended the season for the Cowboys. Fans were in awe. I recall wondering what the frigg just happened??? And then of course threw the remote across the room….tell me you didn’t too!

2) Jessica Simpson parading her pink Romo jersey around. This should have been offensive to all Dallas fans, I am just saying!

3) An absolute embarrassment in the loss to the Vikings in the playoffs 34-3.

4) Most recent, the interception in the fourth quarter against; the Jets during the season opener, which ultimately cost the team the game. (yea, I know there were many mistakes that led to the loss but still.)

A dreadful and painful track record, however Romo is still considered to be one of the top QBs in the NFL. After the Jets game, my confidence in Romo was shattered and I launched myself off the Romo bandwagon. Apparently, I may have jumped too soon.

Since the Jets debacle Romo has led the team to 2 victories. The injury bug and all has plagued the team, recently and yet they still have come out with the big W. Against San Fran in week 2, Romo had a broken rib and later found he had a punctured lung. Romo continued to play through it and lead the team to a win.

It was uncertain if he would be prepared to do the same Monday night with the Redskins, but he did. Although the game was hard to watch and Dallas couldn’t get into the end zone. Romo was constantly on his toes since Phil Costa decided to make up his own snap count. Romo had to retrieve 3 unexpected snaps. Not something you want to have to worry about when your ribs are killing you, the game is on the line, and your receivers are not helping you out. Romo was able to convert a third and twenty one to set up the game winning field goal. Dallas won 18-16 over the Redskins and are now tied with them for first place in the division. A promising 2-1 start for the team considering last year it was 1-7.

I can’t say his bravery for starting with his injuries will suddenly change the new opinion I have developed for Romo. I even think his dramatics are all too familiar. I recall last season when the Giants took him out with his collarbone injury. If you recall he tried to get back onto the field then. Obviously it was out of the question. When he did the same this year, it just wasn’t the same.

But you have to give it to him, it takes guts to do. Knowing you are going to get hit, knowing the defense is going to target your weakness, and knowing the game is on the line and it is up to you (ultimately) to take control. I think his competitive nature is uncompromising and I believe he truly loves the game. I hope he continues to grow this season. I think with the injuries to his main receivers (it sucks) but may help Romo. Now he is able to lend a hand to the inexperienced and coach them in hopes they get on the same page faster.

Deanna Ferris

Deanna Ferris

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