BoxingSaul Alvarez (@caneloOficial) Vs Matthew Hatton (@MagicMattHatton): An In-Depth Breakdown

Coming up next Saturday we will see Saul “Canelo” Alvarez face off against Matthew Hatton in a light middleweight fight. Saul Alvarez has good technical skills, good power, and has showed that he can overcome the storm when he was rocked early against Jose Cotto, who is a much smaller fighter. Many people are viewing Saul Alvarez to be the future of 147, after Mayweather & Pacquiao decide to hang up the gloves. But one problem that we’ve seen w/ Alvarez is that smaller fighters have bothered him, and hurt him (in the case of Jose Cotto).

So now Canelo will be fighting Matthew Hatton, although he’s far from the fighter that his brother was, he still has some pieces of his brother’s game in his repertoire. Both of the Hatton brothers have been very active in Soccer/Football. And both of them have very good foot work. Most of the fighters that Canelo has fought have been old washed up flat footed fighters, like Carlos Baldomir & Lovemore N’dou. So you have to question whether Hatton’s footwork will bother Canelo. Canelo has never really fought a true “boxer” and even though I don’t consider Hatton a true boxer, he does have the footwork to evade the slow-fisted Canelo and possibly counter him all night. But you have to wonder how well Hatton will be able to move around and be elusive with all the extra weight on him. He has never fought at 154.

But on the other hand you have a technically sound Canelo with more power than anyone Hatton has fought. You have to question if Hatton can withstand the power of Alvarez. And this will be the first we see Hatton at light middleweight. We are used to seeing him fight at light welterweight, so you have to wonder if the extra weight will bother him. I think this is going to be a great fight and I think, although many people are counting Hatton out, the fight can go either way.

John Marchese III

John Marchese III

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